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Every Canvas is a journey all its Own – Helen Frankenthaler

At the beginning of the 1950s, speaking of her work, Artist Helen Frankenthaler observed ” Every Canvas is a journey all its own” . Here is my own thoughts on this …

When an artist  paints on a canvas, the canvas becomes the entire world for him / her. It happens with all the artists knowingly or unknowingly. They depict their thoughts and emotions on canvas which they gather from their life experiences. 
Every painting has both positive and negative space within them. It can not be completed without these spaces. In fact, its a fine balance between the positive and negative spaces. 
 Well , let’s understand what is a positive or negative space in a painting … A positive space refers to the main subject or the  main area of interest while negative space is the surrounding area of the main subject. A painting can not be completed without both the spaces. We need to maintain the balance between them although it cant be measured but its a feel ..a thought emotion which an artist puts on the canvas. Even a single POSITIVE DOT can balance the entire negative space of the canvas and vice versa. In fact, we realize that its also the impact or energy of  negative space which makes the positive space so beautiful.This positive space is the energy of the canvas even if its a small DOT. If we focus on the main subject of the painting, we understand the journey of the artist better and the thoughts behind it. 
 Similarly, when we focus on the positive space of our life, we understand better the meaning of our life journey..we also understand that even negative space is important which is the reason for making our positive space so beautiful. 
Arti Raj

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