Sale of Painting & Artwork

o We connect with accomplished artists across the country and bring to you their best

o We also promote the artwork of unknown and unsung local artists & artisans from every part of the country

Renting of Painting & Artwork of select artists

o For any short – term requirements for your homes / offices / corporate houses etc from a fine collection of Artwork

What We Do?

Art & Painting Workshops

o Online & off-line workshops by accomplished / senior artists for beginners and advanced levels

Meraki Artz Social Responsibility and Contribution

We strongly believe that society can only change if we are able to provide education and skills to all women as they are central to the concept of Family. An educated and skilled girl is a positive force for development and has a wide ranging impact on society. As part of our philiosophy of giving it back to the society, we commit ourselves towards “ skill-building and education of girl-child “ by supporting this cause through allocating 5 % of our profits towards the same. 

We also commit to donate our work to any fund-raising exhibitions being organised to support a social cause or for fighting any natural disasters.

Our small contribution to make a difference so far
 Fully sponsored an underprevileged girl’s professional education of B. Ed. and financially supported in her marriage.
Fully sponsored an underprevileged yet talented girl artist’s professional education of Graphic Designing.
Partially supported many other such causes over the last few years .

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