Mahesh Laxman Anjarlekar

Born in a potter’s family, graduated in Art, I have been professional Artist in communication art for over two decades in wide varieties of paintings including realistic, figurative Poetry on Canvas, for the last 4 years reconnected with my roots and focusing on clay, terracotta and ceramics, inspired by in Indian Sculptures of various ages and times, trying to create a space for myself as a re-creator of battered sculptural forms.

Artist’s Statement

Intrigued by the thought how the flow of Time mows down both powerful and the weak of once flourishing but now dissolved empires, hamlets, I am set on the mission of recapturing those furrows carved by times on artworks, buried in ruins; allowing me to revisit those eras bygone, by a measure of the withered art, battered sculptures inviting all to relive the pain they endured. I wish time froze only to save these unsung pieces of expression, chose not to vandalize them by unleashing the brute forces of weather and dogmas. I chose ceramic as the medium for its ability to store those wounds inflicted on artworks of yore, chiselled forever.

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